Teevity API and CLI

Access Key

To use the API or the command line tool you will need your access key. You will find your key in the preferences pages under the API section.


Teevity exposes all the features available on its web portal trough an API. The endpoints documentation is available here:

The API is based on REST services which support JSON as document formats. To authenticate you either pass the access key:

  • in the query string: ?accessKey=<TEEVITY_API_KEY>
  • or in a header called x-teevity-accessKey

Command Line tool

The lastest version is available here [link pointing to our public GCS bucket].

The package contains 3 files:

  • The CLI tool as a JAR file
  • a shell script to invoke commands on macOS/Linux/Unix systems
  • a DOS script to invoke commands on Microsoft Windows

To run the CLI you must have a Java Runtime installed (version 8 and following; tested with Java 11).

You can pass your access key as an argument or set the TEEVITY_APIKEY environment variable

The syntax is

./teevity.sh <command> <operation> --key <TEEVITY_API_KEY> --argument <VALUE>

For example :

./teevity.sh rua get-resourceUsageAnalysis-configuration --key <TEEVITY_API_KEY>
      --resourceUsageAnalysis "<resourceUsageAnalysisUUID>"

to fetch the resources usage analysis configuration with the ID <resourceUsageAnalysisUUID>