Transformations of Billing Lines on Reports

Teevity lets you transform the costs of your cloud resources to expose a custom pricing in your reports.

 The first step is to have an existing report, refer to this page to learn how to save a report from the dynamic cost explorer.

Then, in the dynamic cost explorer, click on the "cog" button next to the save new report button (1) and choose the "Costs Transformations Configuration"

In the sidebar you will be able to configure the type of transformation :

With a typical chargeback model in mind, we are going to apply a transformation with a custom price. In this example, for Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, we set the price as 4.37 (instead of 0.44).

You can see below that for each resource you can set multiple pricing models, in our example for the EC2 instances where 2 pricing models are declared (subPricingModel1 and subPricingModel2)

Below are the 2 reports: one without the charge back (1) and the other where it's included (2).