Compare 2 reports with the overlay feature

The dynamic cost explorer lets you compare 2 perimeters  with a summary of the differences but you can also use an overlay to see the differences between them in a more graphical representation.

The first step is to have an existing report, refer to this page to learn how to save a report from the dynamic cost explorer.

Then, in the dynamic cost explorer, click on the "cog" button next to the save new report button and choose the "Add a report as an overlay" (1):

You will have to choose a report as the overlay and  give it a name. You can also consult the report in a new window (1):

When you close the sidebar and click on the submit button you will see the current and the selected report as an overlay on the same graph:

The report will be displayed on the left (1) with the label you entered and its own scale. Below the graph a table will list the values (total, maximum, average and minimum) for the current report and the overlay (2)