Resources Usage Analytics - How to read a report

Once you have create an analysis and configure it, the results will be available after 12-24 hours.  Here's some instructions about how to explore the results of a resource usage analysis.

Overview of the results

The big picture gives an overview of the results in the form of circles. The size of the circle is proportional to the cost of the resources included and the color is the scoring level. That way it's easier to find the resources which are candidates to a more detailed analysis i.e. those which are expansive and having a lower scoring ("big red circle").

You can zoom in by clicking a specific circle (see below the circle with a blue line). The sidebar content will be updated to reflect your selection. From the "View Mode" box (1)  you can change the date and time and then the circle and scoring information will reflect your selection as well. To zoom out, you have to click outside the current circle on a larger circle.

The table view will show you a list of the cost allocation units with the usual filtering and ordering features.

Details of the resources usage analysis

When you zoom at the intermediary level you have the possibility to change the change the scoring logic (1) as described on this page.  When you reach the component level you will have the opportunity to explorer the details of the scoring results (2).

When you have clicked to see the details, you will see the distribution of the scoring based on the resources of the cost allocation unit, you can then select the metric family, a specific metric or the account to further filter the results: 

If you click on one of the slices of the pie chart, you will be able to open a metric explorer where you have even more details. You can then filter based on a cost allocation unit, account and resource.