Resources Usage Analytics - configure a resource usage analysis

Enable the resource usage analysis for your cloud provider account

Please contact our support team to enable this feature if it's not yet available for your account.

Teevity is using the cloud provider metrics service (CloudWatch,  Stackdriver, etc) . To enable the gathering of the metrics go to the "Cloud Services" page of the Preferences section and check the option "Enable resource optimization-level analysis" :

Manage your resource usage analysis and reports

You will find your resources usage analysis on the Preferences page under the section "Resource Usage Analytics". There you can see your existing analysis (1) and add a new analysis (2) 

From an existing analysis (1)  you can:

Add and configure a new resource usage analysis

When adding a new resources usage analysis, you have to enter a name and choose the cost partition to use: 

After you have created the analysis, you can customize the analysis. Since the data process has yet to be processed, the analysis doesn't display any useful information for now. See this page to know how to read the results of an analysis and how to change the scoring logic

Once created, the results of an analysis should be available after 12-24 hours.

What you can customize:

Export and Import your resources usage analysis configuration with the Teevity CLI

To download and learn more about how to use the Teevity CLI and API please refer to this page.

If you want to manage your resources usage analysis via the CLi, here are the commands to use: