Company-wide Dynamic Definition of Cost Perimeters for your Users

N.B. : The cost perimeters rely on the tag, cost partition and cost allocation unit concepts of Teevity. Read more about them here.

Read our introduction to the cost perimeter definition to have an overview of the feature including the company-wide configuration of cost perimeters.

You can define a cost perimeter on a per-user basis but also for your entire company. This feature will leverage the user attributes to define cost perimeters in a more generic way, for exemple you can based the cost perimeter of a user based on its SAML attributes.

To enable this feature for your Teevity account, please contact our support team. 

Visit the Dynamic Cost Perimeter section of the Preferences page:

Definition of the Company Cost Perimeter

When the feature is enabled you, you will supply a function written in Javascript or Java (1). This function will take in parameters the attributes of a user and will return the cost perimeter of this user and its role (2).

The roles is an array of strings and the cost perimeter is of an array of tags and its values (see the example below)

You have two options relating to the cost perimeter defined on a per-user basis:

Here's an example of a function which

You can then test your code by selecting a user and run the function with its attributes: