Reports - Use the preconfigured Teevity Reports

The dynamic cost explorer is a great tool to make custom reports, but we also provide some preconfigured reports that you can use "as is" or customize further.

Access the Teevity managed reports page

The page is accessible trough the "Detailed Cost Analytics" section of your dashboards, click on the "+" icon (1):

List of Teevity Managed Reports

 We have 4 categories of preconfigured reports. This list will grow over time as we add more reports for all the cloud providers and more products.

Global cost monitoring

Amazon Web Services  / DynamoBD

Amazon Web Services / CloudFront

Google Cloud Platform / AppEngine

How to add a Teevity Managed Reports on a dashboard

Once on the page, to import a report in your account click on the arrow icon (1) . 

A popup will appear with a form which lets you change the name and select parameters if any are required. For example for the report "DAILY spending per COST ALLOCATION UNITS over LAST 6 MONTHS" we have to choose the cost partitions to use:

Once imported, go back to your dashboard. Depending of the report, its complexity and the data to process, it can take some time before appearing.

When ready then you can click on its title (1), as other reports, to customize the parameters in the dynamic cost explorer etc.