Teevity Mobile application

The Teevity Mobile Application is currently under active develoment (release expected in S2 2020)

  • High level view of the costs of your projects/teams, and how they are trending, from a single page
  • Dive into a particular Project / Component / ... and get details for various aspect of its spend (storage, network, or any spend details accessible through Teevity)
  • Deep dive into these spend right from your mobile (zoom into the spend, hide/show details, ...)
  • Create "Cost Bookmarks" for things you want to check later or to inform a coworker of something to investigate

Coming in the next iterations

  • Get a mobile notification on Teevity Alerts (budget alert, threshold alert, smart threshold alert, ...)
  • Get a daily notification with a summary of your spend and how it's trending, for the cost perimeters of your choice (Teams/Projects/...)